PDFs 2024

The following are pdfs we will use during the workshop week. You can keep a copy for your own personal study. Any performance outside of kcbass needs permission from kcbass. we have not uploaded the new pdfs for the bass orchestra concert. But we do know what we are going to play. Horda by Francois Rabbath!!! This piece is a gift from Maestro himself. It’s from his multi bass album and is early Bass orchestra mindset in action. It’s gonna be soooo cool.

We are also going to perform the Prelude from the Carmen Fantasy by Frank Proto written for FR!!! The link is one of KCbass attendees (when she was under 10) performing it. We are so proud of her progress. We will perform the Bizet version of the argonaise to help give you more context into this amazing piece. One of the concertos that has changed the game for bass players winning concerto competitions (beating the violin and cello). Our arrangement will start at the 1:25 in this link it will maybe sound even better with bass orch? We also will do Rhythm changes chart (I got rhythm/Oleo/Flintstones/ Anthropology). Sunshine of your Love by Cream one of the many great songs written by bass players (jack bruce). We also will do a really great bass orch piece by Claus called Stuct it’s really great! So cool. Also on the program is an homage to George Vance where we will play a simple arrangement of Mahler’s 1st symphony 3rd Movement (aka. Frere Jacques in minor key). Below is the sheet music but, we will mainly play this by ear. Please enjoy these arrangements. They are for your study and any further performances are not granted unless you contact the arranger/composer/owner.