Gilles Duhaut

KCBASS History: KC has been lucky to have Gilles come many times to work on our bows and even more importantly design and make his bows for many of our Bassists (professional and students). He is always helping rehair and recamber the students bows making them play much better than you can imagine. We are all lucky to have Gilles involved in the workshop and of course if you own one of his amazing bows you are also lucky. They are played by Francois, Johnny, Ted Botsford, Jeff Harshbarger, Dean Roessler, and so many more. They are a dream to own. He is very attentive to the performers needs so works with them directly to make the perfect bow for you. He does this because he loves it and the music we make. He is a true friend and supporter of the workshop. His history goes back to George Vance workshops and many of us have owed his bows for decades. Since he teaches at his school he also gets many student bows that are much better than the Chinese models that have flooded the market. Please send message to or 816 305-7559 as there maybe a bow in kc ready for you to meet. They are fantastic.

Gilles is also a singer, guitarist, and actor. He has been the voice for Johnny’s Weird and Wacky ensemble many of times as he is perfect for the role. He was able to reenact these lines on Johnny’s solo Bass album. Please enjoy this fun track… Creativity is the only way to survive.

Gilles website link