Workshop Courses

KCBASS Workshop Participant – This is the course for most students. Coordinated by Johnny Hamil.

  • Work directly with staff on your playing in semi private masterclasses
  • Scales and technique hour everyday
  • Play together in Bass orchestra everyday and final evening performance on last day of camp.
  • Perform your solo during Solo Hour. Camp pianist will be provided or play with one of the faculty a bass duet.
  • Large group masterclasses and more thru the week.
  • Be able to customize a track that is more in your interest area thru playing in a small ensemble that performs at final concert. (classical, rock, jazz, folk, Weird and Wacky and potentially Dangerous).

Virtuoso Advanced Solo Double Bass Course – Instructors:   Francois Rabbath (Virtual), Johnny Hamil, Hans Sturm, Marcos Machado.

  • Advanced Course (possible for online option)
  • Class size limited by private teacher recommendation.
  • Preparation list will be sent as soon as you are enrolled.
  • This class it is required to own Rabbath vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Solo pieces, Carmen fantasy, and Bach prelude no. 2 in D minor (preferably Rabbath edition) You must show the books at first class. Bring pencil to write notes in your books. Your preparation means you should already know the pieces as much as possible but complete mastery of entire list isn’t required by all.
  • You will play the Prelude to The Carmen Fantasy part in Unison in final performance please make this a priority on the list.

electric Bass only course

Scales and technique Classes for electric bass

Play in bass orchestra with tabs or sheet music

Semi private masterclasses with electric bass instructors

perform your solo during solo hour (play with one of the faculty)

Learn more Theory

Learn more about chart reading and improvising.

General Observer Participant

  • Enjoy the experience of online classes with no set schedule.
  • More like attending a convention such as ISB.
  • With some events you can play along with the clinicians, however,  most of this will be watching.

Public School Strings Teacher Program/ Teacher Training for George Vance

Are you a strings teacher that would like to learn more about the double bass? We have some amazing teachers who specialize in helping keep your students from falling into the normal traps of the instruments. This faculty knows your point of view very well and help you get your teaching tools in order. We all would like to help you the most. This year is probably the once in a lifetime that all of these bass players will be ready to talk to you. Bring your students along and we can help you both at the same time. Your bass family is here to help. This is normally one day of the camp. The teacher training is all five days.

Teacher Training George Vance: This course is taught by Johnny Hamil. It is the same course that George Trained Johnny to teach young bassist (ages 3 and up). Johnny took this course for many years and the scope would change depending on the other enrolled. It would be very easy to just talk about the vol. 1 for the week. It is generally an overview of how the books work on a progressive level.

It is very helpful to learn how to teach the books using the sequence to help the student not hit roadblocks. You will also be augmented by other young bassist teachers who are on faculty to hear their points of view on how they use the GV materials. Johnny can also talk about his improvising book. The teacher trainer course is also part of the workshop in which everyone plays together and learn together no matter what level you have currently acheived. So being involved in the workshop along with your current students would help you make the greatest advantages in your teaching abilities. You generally should leave with tools to learn how to use the GV to help every student.