KC Bassfest 2023

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5 nights of concerts featuring the BASS! Yes the glorious sound of the double bass and Electric bass should be celebrated like this year round but, this week is all about showing you what the instrument can do. This will be an amazing week for the students and the families of the students to come enrich themselves with great music.

Tue June 20th-Sat June 24th 6pm-9 TBA

All 5 nights for the low price of $30.

Looking to bring the whole family? Or a large group of people? You can buy a family package for a discount price of $100. This will allow the whole family or up to five people.

these venues are the real places musicians perform in regularly and each one sounds amazing with great ambiance for the concert. This allows the students to see how kc music works and thrives. Please note: the student enrolled will get a free ticket for them The KCBassfest is attended by all music fans and not just students studying the bass. To get warmed up please go to the you can go to kcbassfest Facebook and watch some of our amazing concerts in the past years.

If you are trying to get more info about the concerts please call (816) 305 7559 and not the venues contacts for a more direct answer. The list of performers for each night is tentative but, we reserve the right to move some around depending on the artists schedules.

Classical June 20th Tuesday All Souls Unitarian Church 4501 WALNUT ST., KANSAS CITY, MO 64111

The church is located on the Plaza and is a great location to have dinner and/or go to a nice stroll thru Kemper Museum or Nelson Museum. Our contemporary Orchestra New Ear Ensemble performs at this location often.

Electric Bass June 28th Wednesday recordBar 1520 Grand Blvd Kansas City, MO 64108

Johnny Hamil (GAV7D VideogameSolo Bass Recording Release)

Jeff Harshbarger

Lloyd Goldstein

Shaun Munday

James Ward

Jazz June 29th Thursday The ship 1221 Union Ave, Kansas City, MO 64101

Lynn Seaton

Hans Sturm

Don’t miss June 23rd Friday Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral 415 West 13th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Ted Botsford

Big Bass blow out Saturday Shawnee Mission North High School Auditorium 7401 Johnson Drive, Overland Park, KS 66202

Large Bass Orchestra:

mble blow out. More basses on stage than anyone thought possible. Park in the far west parking lot.

The small enesmble will present Jazz, Classical, Rock, Weird and Wacky and Potentially Dangerous music.

Here is Francois Rabbath playing at the Grace and Holy Trinity. What an amazing concert.

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