info for Workshop Attendees

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  1. Payment can be made by check payable kcbassworkhsop via mail 5304 Russell St. Mission, KS 66202, Venmo @Johnny-hamil, Paypal @johnny4string, or by credit card thru the donation link The fee is $600 for week ($500 if paid by may 1st).
  2. Location of workshop is Shawnee Mission North High school 7401 Johnson Dr, Overland Park, KS 66202 in the music department (far west parking lot is entrance). Please park and enter in the door in the middle of the long ramp. There will be a staff member to meet you at the front desk to get where you need to go from there.
  3. hours officially 9-4 but there are scales classes 8-9 for the brave. Lunch break is 12-1. We will have various beverages(soda, water, juice) for sale since the schools will not be open for the summer. there are restaurants and such within walking distance. We cannot allow anyone under 16 to walk without parent unless that is arranged with our staff. You may arrive 745 and plan to leave 415-430 at the latest. The concerts in the eve are 6-9 at various locations around kcmetro (see kcbassfest page for details). The final concert is at the high school.
  4. KCBASSFEST PASSES. one ticket is given with each enrollment. all additional tickets for parents and friends are offered at discount to enrolled students. If you have more than a few the group pass is the best way to go. It is important to know that this event has grown in poplularity but that the enrollment students should try to attend all concerts at night to get the most out of the week. Every night is a special event full of great inspiration. We hope that you make time for the whole family or your group of friends to come to the week of concerts.
  5. kcbass t shirts. Each enrolled person gets one. Please pre order a size if you want additional t shirts. They are always great shirts to wear as they are designed by Marco Pascolini every year (We think he try to outdo himself every year). Please plan to wear your shirt at the final concert. Many students like to get their shirts signed on last day.
  6. Solo hour is 1-2. Here you will be able to watch the enrolled students play their solos. It’s an amazing hour each day. There will be a camp pianist to play any piano parts you have (all Vance and Rabbath piano parts we already have). If you don’t have one please let staff know before first day of camp and we will see what we can do. parents and friends are encouraged to come the day of the students recital. This date will be on your schedule. Johnny students will play the first day of camp to not have to rush the piano rehearsal. Our camp pianist can work with you thru the hours of the camp to prepare your performance.
  7. Schedule- You will receive your schedule the morning of the first day. There is a meeting the first day at 830 ( no scales classes the first day). 8- scales class for advanced students 9- Bass orchestra 10 Semi private masterclass (you play for a faculty member along with a few other students) 11-Large lecture class 12-lunch 1 student solo hour 2 small ensemble hour 3 semi private masterclass. occasionally you may have a free hour to practice (we have practice rooms), check out the instruments in the store, watch another masterclass, or just take a break (It’s a long week since it’s very special all of these people can gather in same place). it is advised by staff if you have to take a breather let the front desk know so they can inform the instructor.
  8. We abide by the school’s policies on behavior and etiquette. We are guests of this amazing place and we want to leave it just as we found it (clean and all things in same place). Your equipment can stay at the school during the week. It will be locked at 430 when last person leaves (once it’s locked we cannot get back in til morning unless it’s a real emergency). Please make sure you label your items as there will be lots of basses and if you leave it somewhere we know where it goes. Please do not use anyone else stuff without permission. Most of us are happy to let you try things or help you.
  9. Volunteer staff. The faculty will be teaching so we have a volunteer (family and friends of bass players) that help keep things running smooth. Our head volunteer is Lashawnda Glover please ask her any question first and she will ask Johnny is she doesn’t know. We also should have many volunteers that can help you while classes are in session. There will be one at the front desk at all times.