Craig Akin

KCBASS History: Craig went to school with Johnny and Jeff Harshbarger at Kansas University. They all were part of the Music department. Craig also played in KC for quite sometime and did lots of gigs with many of the other bassists for kc bass faculty.

Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist in NYC. He has played and recorded with countless musicians of many different styles. From jazz to pop, and blues to rock, Craig is comfortable and creative, and can deliver the goods at the highest level. Full time musician since completing his Music Education degree in 1997, he has performed over 5,000 gigs and is featured on 100+ albums and countless singles with award winning songwriters to world class jazz musicians. And thanks to his home studio he was able to record his first solo bass CD “Me, My Bass and I” and is now a top rated studio pro on AirGigs with over 240 reviews. Craig is also an authorized dealer of the famous RC Williams Bass Buggie and Ear Trumpet microphones.

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