Welcome to KCBASS

We are proud to present the Annual Bassmas concert that features KC’s finest bassists. Please come and listen or bring your bass to play along (performers click here).

tentative list of professional bass players coming:

Johnny Hamil, Jeff Harshbarger, Gerald Spaits, James Ward, Rich Burgess, Sam Copeland, Craig Akin, Kassie Ferraro, Jacob Roemer, Sonja Richardson, Matt Carlyon, Steve Tulipana, and many More (list is being updated). We hope to have some virtual concerts by some of our out of town Faculty and of course anyone can attend via Zoom link (the time is central Standard time aka KC time).

This event is one of the many events to help KC Bass Players get inspiration and further their learning of the instrument. The event will also feature a fund drive to help our organization raise funds for the future events. This allows us to bring in National and International performers. Please consider making a donation. We are a 501(3)c organization and very worthy cause.

Summer workshop is being organized now and we hope to have tentative Dates announced at the Bassmas concert.

Click here to Enroll

featuring our amazing World Class faculty

Francois Rabbath (VIRUTAL ADVANCED COURSE) Ted Botsford (ADVANCED Rabbath COURSE), Lynn Seaton (Advanced Jazz course), Shawn Conley, Maggie Hasspacher, Johnny Hamil, Hans Sturm, Anthony Wellington (virtual), Shaun Munday, Jessica Valls, Lloyd Goldstein, Jeff Harshbarger, Kyle Motl, Samuel Copeland, Kassie Ferrero, James Ward, Rick Willoughby, and Master Bow maker Gilles Duhaut (Staff is tentative).


Check out why it’s so exciting to have Shawn Conley return to KCBASS as him and Ted Botsford were two early teachers who’s careers have soared since the early years. Clearly the message that kcbass presents are well loved by all the students and the faculty. This is Johnnys podcast where he interviews many kc artists and bassists. It’s full of kcbass history.

+’Below is the link to the hour long radio show done on 91.9 fm Classicalkc with Johnny Hamil and Francois Rabbath talking about the kcbassfest and workshop. It’s a great insight into what happens every year and very inspiring listen.



KCBass Workshop is registered as a 501(3)c public charity. We are an organization that is worthy of your donations regardless of the event. Donations made to KCBass Workshop by check or through credit card donation may or may not be regarded as a full tax deduction. Please consult with your tax adviser to be sure

Check: Make payable to: KCBass Workshop. Mailing address: 5304 Russell St. Mission KS, 66202

All donations will receive a tax receipt upon request.

check out the story how Xavier found his way to kc thru Johnny and his son Leon. Also check out the new podcast Jamming with Johnny KC Bassstream at Johnnyhamil.com


Check out the new Rabbath Bio with the KCBASS artwork on the cover. This artwork comes from Ruthie Ingram who made the painting for Maestro a few years back. Many of you have this hanging on your walls just like Rabbath (see our store for your print). Our t shirt designer Marco Pascolini made the image for our t shirts and now it graces this amazing book. Order Bio

75 Years GOOD

75 YEARS ON 4 STRINGS: The Life and Music of François Rabbath
Now available as preorder: paperback or special limited edition hard cover book with a hand drawn, signed postcard.
What do tightrope walker Phillipe Petit, movie director Nicholas Roeg, music producer Quincy Jones, artist Pablo Picasso, cabaret singer Edith Piaf, and the Paris Opera have in common?
Written over a five-year period, 75 Years on 4 Strings, portrays the life of François Rabbath, from his earliest memories as a child in Aleppo in the 1930s to his 90th birthday virtual recital in Paris in 2021. The much beloved artist-teacher sat for countless hours of interviews and shared candid stories from throughout his illustrious career. Artists and musicians from across the world spoke of their encounters and collaborations with François – Paco Ibañez, Philippe Petit, Frank Proto, Paul Ellison, Minas Lourian, GP Cremonini, Barry Green, Thierry Barbé, Johnny Sølvberg, and many, many more. 

KCBASS is always in loving memory of George Vance.