Max Winningham

KCBASS History: Johnny met Max in Paris at Francois house while he was studying with him. That led Max to just come to kcbass that summer and Johnny was impressed with how great of a natural teacher Max would informaly do with the students. He really has natural talent in working with all levels of students. So he fits the faculty criteria and reminds me of when Ted Botsford, Shawn Conley when they came in their early years. He also got up and performed at mini recital which was a highlight of the week. Max also did an online performance during the covid Bass 4 Bass week that featured his amazing compositions (something that occurred in between his kcbass in person visit). This part of his life has soared as you can quickly listen to at his website. But, here is one of my favorite compositions by him.

Max’s really cool website

Max Winningham is a performer, composer, and improvisor born in Houston, Texas. After graduating from Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Max went on to acquire a BMA in Double Bass Performance from Northwestern University, under the guidance and mentorship of Andrew Raciti. Though his primary training is classical, his pursuits include a wide variety of genres and sensibilities, including electronic music, world music, and jazz. Max has performed and studied internationally in the USA, France, Canada, and Switzerland— and has participated in masterclasses and workshops with esteemed performers and pedagogues such as François Rabbath, Paul Ellison, and John Clayton.

In 2018, Max spent a year in Paris studying with François Rabbath, and was awarded the International Rabbath Institute de Paris (IRIP) performance and teaching certificates— as well as one of the Artist-in-Residence positions at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris. Max has recently finished a double MM degree in double bass performance and composition at Baylor University, studying with Sandor Ostlund and Scott McAllister. In 2022 his piece Tabula Rasa was awarded the grand prize for an unaccompanied solo bass work in the International Society of Bassist’s David Walter Composition Competition, and he was afforded the opportunity to perform Tabula Rasa in New York’s Carnegie Hall through Baylor University’s Semper Pro Musica Competition.

When not performing, Max spends time exploring studio recording and sound designing techniques, as well as building synths through electronic and analog means for his own compositions.