We have worked very hard over the past decade to provide scholarship to any student that is in need. We don’t want anyone to not attend due to financial reasons. This fund has been made by many donations of former students and their families as well as other fans of the bass. Everyone support is appreciated by all at kcbass as well as the students that benefit directly. The whole week is to help our community of bass family grow and the scholarship program is setup for you to help you understand on a deeper level. We do believe that this week has inspired so many students to achieve some great things in their lives (many of which return to return the help).

There are two types of scholarships

  1. a $300 scholarship (which means the student pays $300 for tuition)
  2. a $500 scholarship (which means the student pays $100 for tuition)

How to apply,

  1. fill out enrollment and select the appropriate box.
  2. send a request letter by student made out to the scholarship committee. This letter should be reasons why attending the workshop will be beneficial and any financial reason why you could use the scholarship help. A reference by any teacher (music teacher is ideal) is recommended as well.
  3. When the committee makes awards you will be notified. A thank letter or video will be also asked of the student. The award will be made here.

The scholarship committee is made up of kcbass faculty, parents of kcbass attendees, and other supporters of the workshop. Most requests are awarded but, not all. The earlier you apply the better chance you have.

There is a limit to five years of requesting per attendee.

In the past there are sometimes people who directly sponsor a specific student. This is sometimes done publicly or privately depending on the situation. If you know of a student that needs encouragement to come or would like to sponsor please contact administrator Johnny Hamil. or 816 305 7559.