Jason Beers

KCBASS History Jason is high school friends of Johnny Hamil and has helped influence Johnny’s bass playing in that he really lead him into punk (specifically Fishbone and Mike Watt (Firehose and Minutemen). Jason is an amazing Do it yourself kc musical gem. He is an amazing bass player but, also can almost play any instrument. He is also a prolific song writer producer of music. He puts out more albums in a month than most do in a lifetime. He and Johnny formed an all electric bass punk band called the Wyco Low Riders which has performed at KCBASS Events as this group pre dates the workshop and has a lot to do with our final performances at the workshop. Jason can really help those composers and future recording/ producers that are attending the workshop. He’s also an amazing teacher.

Jason Beers
Kansas City, MissouriFollow

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Jason Beers is a Kansas City, Kansas native. He’s been playing for well over 30 years. Primarily a bass player, in acts such as The Brannock Device, Dead Voices, Scott Hrabko, occasionally Freight Train Rabbit Killer, and many more, Jason Beers also plays solo clawhammer banjo gigs   lessRecommendations

  1. “Say No More, Seymour!” – Seymour Ornate Jr.
  2. Covid-Mask Blues
  3. Mrs. Helen Marf “Crumbling Towers”
  4. Boss Mephistopheles Official Movie Soundtrack
  5. Son of East Virginia Banjo Tunes
  6. The Dumpster Lads “Singles 1966-1968”
  7. Traipsing Through the Haunted Forest
  8. Quilt Records Sampler #5
  9. Winter
  10. Mrs. Helen Marf “Still Having a Marfy Xmas!!!”
  11. More Ghoulish Songs For Cretins
  12. Mrs. Helen Marf and C Woods “Tales from The Blue Glider”
  13. Braiko
  14. Luthor DeSchwick and The Nurt Sisters “The Golden Trephine”
  15. Canzoni di pazzia e morte
  16. Blood City III (The Return of Billy Stagger)
  17. Hempal Goozer III “Crumbo!”
  18. Dr. Paul Hovis “House Calls For The Lonely”
  19. East Virginia Banjo Tunes
  20. Having a Marfy Xmas!!!
  21. Ghoulish Songs for Cretins
  22. Sasquatch Jazz
  23. Blue Banjo
  24. Blood City, USA II (Stagger’s Vengeance)
  25. Blood City, USA soundtrack
  26. Tympani Explorations Volume II (Collaborations) 
    Mrs. Helen Marf
  27. Mrs. Helen Marf – Tympani Explorations Volume I
  28. Tympani Blues (At Last)
  29. Welcome to Humansville
  30. Retrouvaille
  31. No Banjo is an Island
  32. A Small Collection of Gargantuan Hits By the Many Pseudonyms of Jumbo Puny O’Dainty
  33. Banjoism…Da
  34. Devoured!!! 
    Wild Chipmunk and the Cuddly Poos
  35. Followers of Baphomet 
    Wild Chipmunk and the Cuddly Poos
  36. Poked!!! 
    Wild Chipmunk and the Cuddly Poos
  37. Tacocat
  38. The Spanish Grover

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