How it works for the bass players.

  1. you just coming is the most important part. You can listen to the pros play some things and join in on the large play along when it works for you.The first charts listed below are the easiest and some parts that even a very beginner can play. You must bring your bass of course. It is best if more people can play the melody and in the upper octave. Most songs are written in lower and can be moved up to 12th fret or thumb position. Either part is cool. You can also be ready to improvise a solo and or a bassline If you feel comfortable. You can bring your family members and Friends to listen as it’s a very nice and fun concert.
  2. Electric bass players can bring their bass and instrument cable. Bring a music stand if you need the charts.
  3. upright players bring your bass and music stand. We will have folders of the sheet music but, you are welcome to print some out if you need to mark your parts.
  4. Music is for all levels of players. You can come play by ear or read. It’s just like a sing along and mainly we can use you playing the melodies on the bass but, never a bad thing to have you play the baseline as well.
  5. Please note that there will be bass retailers there to help you if you need advice on anything (repairs or purchases). So it’s a good place to hangout to learn more about the bass.

Please enjoy some of these pdfs to enhance your sight reading Bassmas time. Please note these are just to be used for your own educational purposes. We encourage you to buy sheet music. Please if you have any issues or questions send a message to

Santa Baby
Funky Rudolph


We Wish you a Merry Bassmas

Frosty The Bassman
Blister Bells

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies


These are a lot of the sheet music I have arranged for the workshop events. Please feel free to read and enjoy them. It is highly encouraged to buy sheet music for your own purposes. There are many great publishers of Bass sheet music such as Liben, Leduc, Carl-Fischer, International Society of Bassists, and many self publishers. Please if you use one of these charts make sure you go buy one from one of these publishers as that greatly helps our bass