What You Will Experience

Classes start at 9-4 everyday with lunch break at 12-1.

The first day you should arrive at 8 for check in and 830 meet the staff and parent information meeting. You will receive you daily schedule, folder of music, and t shirt at check in. Here are a few common questions we can answer here:

Parking in the far west lot at the high school and enter in the middle door on the side. Should have a Kcbass banner up and parent volunteers waving you in. this parking is free and hardly ever full. (never know what else is happening at the HS). This is the theatre/ music wing of the school.

You can leave to eat lunch at off campus (walking distance is every fast-food place) if you are over 16 and or your parent is with you. If not you must eat on site and so must have your lunch with you or brought to you. We have a small refrigerator full of sodas, juice and water. You will be asked to pay for the item in cash (usually a $1 per can). This is due to the machines to the school being out of use during the summer.

The best is to ask question to the head parent (Lashonda) about questions. If she can’t answer it she will ask Johnny Hamil (administrator) or Anna Cook (Orchestra teacher SMN). You may ask either of them if they are standing in front of you but, please look for head parent first. This will get you a direct answer quicker and allow Johnny to work as a faculty member. There will be a front desk in the Band room where Lashonda and volunteer staff will be present at all times. This is also the best place to go in any emergency.

We are guests of this fantastic school. However, the front office won’t have the answers if you call them (sometimes they are not there during summer) so please direct your questions to the bass workshop people listed above. We can also answer questions via text, calls, and email. We do ask all participants leave the school exactly like they found it. Clean up after yourself and take care of any and all things. You will be held responsible if you damage something that is not yours. Bass players are pretty cool people so we’ve not had any problems in the past on this issue.

You must wear your t shirt on final day of workshop for final performance and group photo. BBQ stains and all.

Your basses can stay at the school the entire week. However, you are responsible for packing it up and leaving it in the designated room (usually the band room). We highly advise you to mark your items with something that lets the staff know who’s it is. Bass Bass and bow cases, wheels, and sheet music are better off if they have some name tag on them. (hint, masking tape is great for this if your looking for an easy solution).

Julie Wheeler is our camp acompianst and will have a sign up sheet for your to rehearse with her before your solo hour. If you are not Johnny’s student you will not be scheduled to perform the first day. Please take some time out of orchestra or another time to go play with her for 15-20 minutes to make your performance the best it can be. She has all the Vance and Rabbath piano parts but, please bring yours if they are not these. You can also play jazz or rock piece with any of the faculty you’d love to play with as bass duet. Just ask them. Julie can also play chord charts but, is not a jazz improvisor.

There will be a pa for electric bass players to perform with as well as a few small combo amps. You will need to bring your bass along with good instrument cable. ( a long one would help). If you have a small combo amp it isn’t a bad thing to bring along just in case it’s easy for you to use your own. But you will be responsible to carry it around from class to class.

Concerts at night are all off site. You will need to leave the school at approximately 4 everyday. The concerts start at 6 every night. Please note that some of these places hosting the concert are at really great venues of KC where the pros perform. We hope that you plan on eating there or around the location. Since Music started the idea of going out to eat and seeing great concerts have gone hand in hand. We hope you take that in. We also encourage you to eat at all kc local places to find out what the city is about.The woodyard bbq is hosting the arrival party,  The plaza area hosts some of kc finest steak places, The ship has some of the best bbq and mufaletta, The record bar has amazing pizza and burgers, The Black dolphin is near The Reiger, Jack Stack bbq, The Gruenhauer (German food), Majestic Steak house, The Golden Ox (steak) and the two bbq that started it all are Gates BBQ and Arthur Byrants bbq (technically the original bbq place). All not too far from downtown. Some past attendees have worked really hard at eating at all of the great places of kc BBQ. There are really great places to eat nearby the school and all throughout out kcmetro. These are just a few that are unique to Kc.

The concerts can get young students into them for the concert. This is a really cool event for us to do with these locations and it’s all in the name of music. So please come and of course leave at the 9pm time without anyone asking you if you are under the age limit of 21.

If you know you are not going to make it to the last concert you need to let the staff know especially your small ensemble director

Here is the tentative daily schedule for everyone. (subject to change)

8-9 Scales Class (optional) all are invited but, this is an advanced class so pace yourself. Does not happen on first day.

9-10 Bass orchestra (everyone)

10-11 Large Master class

11-12 Small Ensemble

12-1 Lunch

1-2 Solo hour (you will find out which day you are scheduled to perform on your personal schedule)

2-3 individual master class (work with one of the faculty either by playing for them individually or they will guide you thru a special hour of more specific instruction).

3-4 Individual Master class


  • Individual master classes.
  • Daily group master classes with Rabbath
  • Solo performance for every participant at 1:00 everyday.
  • Chamber bass ensembles for jazz, classical and Rock, and Original music.
  • Large bass ensemble
  • Classes every hour from 9-12 with Lunch break (noon) classes 1-4
  • A professional solo bass performance by each faculty member during KCBASSFEST starts @6-9PM every evening of workshop.
  • Epic-ally large Final concert at the final evening of the workshop includes all the faculty and participants!