2017 marks our eighth year doing the Kansas City Bass Workshop, and we would like to share some of the experiences that other students have had here. We hope it helps you make an informed decision.

We invite former students and faculty to post comments here and share stories and pictures with us. Thank you!

26 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. this is my first year playing bass and I have enjoyed every part of it! the bass workshop looks awsome. bass players are the coolest people ever!


  2. It was great being around all bass players again. It is so inspiring. Being a photographer for the past three years makes me want to pick up the bass so much. Johnny is amazing and I hope there are many more workshops. So great!

  3. The 3rd annual Johnny Hamil KC Bass Workshop met and exceeded all expectations. Registrants aged 8-58, beginning to college age, and those who love all types of bass performance were enthralled with the excellence in teaching by nationally recognized faculty. This experience not only improves bass performers level of knowledge, but also provided our community a venue of amazing musical performances by solo, small and large ensemble, and faculty recitals. A truly inspiring week! Thanks Johnny for another great year~

    • Ginger, you were the glue that kept the workshop together and happening. Everyone should know that and bow down to the power of Ginger. Thank you!!! And thanks for breakfast and endpins too!!!

  4. This camp was absolutely amazing. I came out here with three other of my bass brothers from El paso Texas for this amazing collaboration of bass. I have meet some of the greatest people in and outside of the camp. This week will go down as one of the most memorable events in my life. Johnny,Shawn, Ted, Hans, And Lloyd are some of not only the greatest bass players in the world but some of the greatest and nicest people i have ever meet. The journey up was worth every penny and more.
    I recommended everyone one in the world to come to this wonderful celebration of the bass and at the same time enjoy the greatest bar b que you ever did taste. Thank you Johnny and all of my friends that I have made at this camp.


    • You and your Texican brothers added so much flavor, love, joy and great music to the KCBW!!! Thank you for coming and giving so much!!! Keep up the good work and the good vibe all year. Hope to hear from you!

  5. I have enjoyed the bass workshops for all three years and can say I have greatly improved my musicianship after each one. I would highly recommend attending the Kansas City Bass Workshop no matter what your preferred musical style is.

    • Thanks for your work in the ‘Stand by Me” ensemble. It was great to have you in there with us. And in the bass orchestra as well! Let it Be and keep on standing by us all. Great work and nice to know you my friend.

  6. This summer’s workshop was a fantastic experience! I want to say thank you to Johnny Hamil, Hans Sturm, Shawn Conley and all the students, parents and volunteers for making this workshop a success. The master classes, presentations, ensembles, bass orchestra and all the amazing connections made this one of the best weeks ever. By the way, I was on the faculty too, so where is my Bio Johnny???

  7. The overall experience has been amazing. Everyone in the faculty was like family and their devotion to teaching, and the improving of the instrument had a very deep impact in my life and my way to see the doublebass. Thank you to John, Lloyd, Ted, Shawn and Hans for such a marvelous week!! And thank you to everyone who participated and made this possible!! I look forward to coming back to KC.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Francisco J. Mercado
    Bass player-Texican!

  8. I loved this bass workshop! The faculty was so passionate about teaching and playing the bass, and I not only had a blast, but I came away from the camp with a new-found love for the bass. I’d have to say this was my favorite music camp I’ve ever played in.
    Thank you to the faculty and staff for running this camp–it is a truly amazing and inspiring experience.
    -Zoe 🙂

    P.S. Look at all the bassists!!!

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