Brian Roessler

I’m a bassist, composer, and teacher.

I’ve been fortunate to have the chance to study my instrument with François Rabbath since 2002. This has had an indescribable impact on my playing and my life. I’ve also been very lucky to perform and record with many amazing musicians, among them Nathan Hanson, Didier Petit, Peter Hennig, Denis Colin, Pablo Cueco, Erik Fratzke, Tony Hymas, Marc Anderson, Mirtha Pozzi, Peter Leggett, Sowah Mensah, and Kip Jones.

I perform regularly in a duo with Nathan Hanson – our newest recording Selenographia was released in April 2012. Our previous release, Bellfounding, came out in 2009.

I’ve performed my music widely in the United States and France. Some notable venues include the Atlantique Jazz Festival (Brest), L’Arrosoir (Chalon sur Saône), Lizieres, Angora (Paris), Elastic (Chicago), Dialect (Charlotte), Ajmi (Avignon), Sons d’Hiver (Paris), and Studio Z (St. Paul).

I’ve written music for myself and lots of other people including choreographer Sarah Hauss, Fantastic Merlins, and for the French documentary films Aller Simple and Hubert Nyssen – a livre ouvert.

Brian and Johnny Hamil explaining the Online Composition ensemble at KCBW 2013.


The Online Composition ensemble 2013.


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