Johnny Hamil Bass Studio

This page is a link for Johnny’s students in the studio. News and some posts will be related to the current schedule for the calendar year.

Here is the fees and policies for any student. Please call him for any open lesson times. He accepts all students from ages 3 and up (no limit) on both electric and upright bass. Teaches classical, jazz, rock, funk, (i.e. all styles) and composition/improvisation Basslinelesson policy sheet 2015

Summer Bass Studio Schedule   Download here summer 19 schedule

BassWorkshop is June 25th-29th. The studio will not be open from Mon June 24th-Thru Mon July 8th.

Please make every attempt to Attend/Support/ and promote the KCBASSworkshop.  It is a very important part of every students success and it is the studio commitment to it that allows it to exist every year. It also takes and extraordinary amount of extra work on my part and if my students are not benefiting from it then I’d prefer to spend my energy elsewhere.


Monday only 3 lessons (off June 24th)

Tues only 3 lessons (off June 25th)

Wed  only 3 Lesson (off June 26th)

Thurs only 3 lesson (off June 27th)

Sat 4 lessons (off June 29th)

Note: June 1st-June 8th (ill be at ISB performing and teaching)  and JUne 17-22nd (I’ll be at LA Bass workshop teaching and performing) will be sub Erick Rios (an amazing bassists from El Paso Texas) I’m super excited for him to sub to prepare you for the workshop. Erick has an amazing way of playing and teaching and has his masters of music from Nebraska with Hans Sturm. He has been teaching public school in his hometown of El Paso along with freelance playing. His number 915 850 4900

It’s a bit harder for me to be away from all of my students as I care deeply about you all. However, with subs like these it does make it easier. Much of the traveling I’m doing is to bring more things back to the studio to make it easier for all of you to learn more at an easier pace. So it is worth it. Feedback from all of you is always appreciated.


Mon 4 lessons ( off July 1st)

Tues 4 lessons (off July 2nd)

Wed 4 lessons (off July 3rd)

Thurs 4 lessons (off July 4th) (will do all five in August)

Sat. 3 lesson (off July 6th)

Note: July  22nd-25th we will have the sub Christian Chesanek while I’m teaching at Austin Bass Workshop. His number is 915 269 1284. Christian has subbed before and we are lucky that he can make this week to teach. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Nebraska with Hans Sturm. He is also going to teach and play at this year kcbassworkshop.


Mon four lessons  (all)

Tues four lessons (all)

Wed four Lesson (all)

Thurs  Four lessons (all five)

Sat. Four lessons (off aug 31st Labor Day weekend)

Sept all days have 4 lessons  off Monday Labor Day (five in that month)

Attachments area
If you are in the studio I do expect you to attend the concerts and the workshop. I work hard to make these events full of fun and great learning, Your progress as a bass players is exponential if you attend as many of these as possible.  Please enroll today.
I will be performing and teaching this summer at: International Society of Bassists convention the first week of June, Los Angles Rabbath Insititute the week before KCBAss workshop. The studio is closed the week of the workshop and will be closed the week after (fourth of July week). I also will be teaching at the Austin Bass workshop later in July. We have amazing subs coming into the studio to teach while I’m gone. So if you are going to be gone for anytime other than after the Kcbass workshop I’d like to know asap. I will put together a more complete schedule soon. Other than that it looks like it will be another amazing summer.

The pdfs are for your personal study and to help promote the bass family. Please note: that you need to ask if you can perform any of these arrangements.

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 003 Double Bass 3

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 002 Double Bass 2

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 001 Double Bass 1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass Easy

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 3

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 4-1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 2-1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 1

Fur Elise Bass



Basslinelesson policy sheet 2015