Johnny Hamil Bass Studio

This page is a link for Johnny’s students in the studio. News and some posts will be related to the current schedule for the calendar year.

Here is the fees and policies for any student. Please call him for any open lesson times. He accepts all students from ages 3 and up (no limit) on both electric and upright bass. Teaches classical, jazz, rock, funk, (i.e. all styles) and composition/improvisation Basslinelesson policy sheet 2015

Here is the spring schedule and Sub Jeff Harshbarger’s number

Spring Schedule Bass studio 


MOn Off 11th (all 5 in April) 

  (mon 18th and 25th will be sub) 

Tues off 12th (all 5 in April) 

    (19th will be sub) 

Wed off 13th (all 5 in May) 

     (20th will be sub) 

Thurs   off14th (All 5 in May)

     (21st will be sub) 

Sat off 16th (five in March) 

      (23rd will be sub) 

April all days


MOn (only 3) Off Memorial Day

Tues all 

Wed All 

Thur All 

Sat (only 3) off 25th 

Sub is Jeff Harshbarger (He’s amazing if you don’t know him already) 816 547 4786 

We are lucky to have him. He will know what you are working on however, if you’d prefer to talk to him more about jazz, Theory, or composition I’d be fine with that. Please contact him if you need to reschedule during the week. Please let me know if you can’t make the lesson ahead of time so I can consolidate his schedule. I can make up your lesson if needed. I do realize that some of my students are not on spring break the same week as I’m taking off.  I do hope everyone enjoys this spring. 

We will have a group concert end of April beginning of May. 

We will also have the solo concert end of May/ second week of June before the workshop. 

Please enroll in the workshop as it’s open. June 25th-29th.  I do expect all of my students to attend as this makes it worth all the work put into it. 

ISB is the first week of JUne and is in Indiana this year. It’s always worth going as well. I’ll be lecturing about George Vance as well as performing my solo bass video game music which will be out by then! Please check it out. 

The pdfs are for your personal study and to help promote the bass family. Please note: that you need to ask if you can perform any of these arrangements.

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 003 Double Bass 3

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 002 Double Bass 2

Finale 2003 – [blue monk trio – 001 Double Bass 1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass Easy

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 3

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 4-1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 2-1

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Double Bass 1

Fur Elise Bass



Basslinelesson policy sheet 2015