Joey Panella

Joseph Panella has been performing (Upright bass and Electric bass) professionally for a decade, including several seasons of full-time touring and recording with the Nashville-based Annie Moses Band and Joshua Carswell.

Joseph grew up the son of a jazz saxophonist who had uprooted from Chicago to build up a jazz program in the heart of South Mississippi. Shortly after taking up the bass, he heard Jaco Pastorius, who was a gateway into Bebop, Swing, and Modern Jazz. Naturally, because of close proximity to New Orleans and his family upbringing, jazz was central to his musical experience. However, Mississippi itself is a historical cradle for blues, rock ’n roll, country, gospel, and funk. It also has a high concentration of South American and Caribbean culture because of the Universities and ports on the Gulf of Mexico. This environment, plus years of classical training, led to a deep appreciation for many kinds of music.

Currently, Panella resides in the Greater Kansas City Area, performing as a freelance bassist and teaching as a bass instructor at The Culture House in Olathe, KS.