Photo Gallery

Ethan, eight years old was the youngest participant in the workshop. All ages and levels are welcome!

Improv and performance opportunities

Mr. Cutie and his evil ways must be stopped. Good thing the first ensemble is right on time to save us all.

The workshop includes participant solo and improv performances every afternoon.

Participant solo performances Monday through Friday the entire week of the workshop.

Solo performance

Solo Performance

Final performance


Even more pictures from previous workshops!

KC Bass Workshop 2010 by Samantha Rene Slupski

KC Bass Workshop 2011 by Samantha Rene Slupski

KC Bass Workshop 2013 by Samantha Rene Slupski

KC Bass Workshop 2013 by Mark Breeder


One thought on “Photo Gallery

  1. This summer’s workshop was a fantastic experience! I want to say thank you to Johnny Hamil, Hans Sturm, Shawn Conley and all the students, parents and volunteers for making this workshop a success. The master classes, presentations, ensembles, bass orchestra and all the amazing connections made this one of the best weeks ever. By the way, I was on the faculty too, so where is my Bio Johnny???

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