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The workshop has been a meeting place for a lot of teachers of the bass and other string instruments. With the pedagogical aspects of teaching string instruments discussed during the week more non bass playing teachers have started to attend. The week long event can be taken as a continuing education class through Nebraska University with Dr. Hans Sturm overseeing the whole week. This is a full week and you can play your primary instrument as well as work with the Bass instructors. This teacher training version of the workshop is unique as you get to have classes geared towards the pedagogical aspects of the bass. There are three main teachers of this course and you will work with them for one hour each day.  1) Dr. Hans Sturm for one hour each day in which he addresses bass pedagogy on a collegiate level. Hans is just completing a way to transfer the Rabbath Technique to the violin, viola, and Cello. 2) Dr. Kate Jones is the Suzuki Bass instructor and can give you insights on how to use the Suzuki bass books in combination with George Vance.  3) KC’s own Young bassists instructor Johnny Hamil will take you step by step thru the highly acclaimed George Vance Progressive Method books. Johnny studied under George Vance and has used his method books since 1998 when his studio started. He will take you step by step thru the books to make it easier for you to understand how to use the method more effectively. He will also help you be able to move the method to a mixed strings class. Johnny also will talk about using improvisation, composition, and alternative styles to help motivate your bass players to overcome the natural pitfalls of bass players in the back of the orchestra/jazz band. Johnny does work with the public school orchestra on a weekly basis and knows how to best use your time to help the kids that are not going to get into private lessons.

You will also be able to watch all of the great faculty from around the world teach kids of all levels and participate in the workshop. See the amazing art of playing the bass that comes with attending the workshop. Please view the faculty pages on this site and watch videos and get excited that you will be able to ask these people questions. All of the faculty are chosen because they know how important it is to help all levels of bass players and not just the elite music major bound students. The week has inspired many great bass events around KC metro area! Please take advantage of this great week if you are one of those people who teach bass.

One Day teacher event. Saturday June 29th. The tuition cost of this day is ($100) and doesn’t require you to fill out the entire enrollment form. This event will be a one day version of Teacher training but for more non bass playing string teachers. It doesn’t matter if your primary instrument isn’t strings. You will get a one day slice of the above with the faculty knowing that you need the best advice for your students in the back of the orchestra or jazz band. We understand that taking the whole week off is much for the public school teacher who is stretched for time. It is our mission to give you the tips to keep your students from falling into the common mistakes. Please email or call Johnny Hamil or (816) 305-7559 to sign up for this event. The enrollment sheet doesn’t apply to these teachers. You will not be asked to perform on the bass unless you’d just like to join in the fun. We can find a bass for you to use for the day if you do not have one. It would be advised to bring a school bass so we can help you with making the bass playable also.

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