Zach Rizer

69e716_1df58484fccd46ed9ead009a4b38e9af.jpg_srz_p_478_422_75_22_0.50_1.20_0~2Zach Rizer is a young, talented, and progressive bassist. Raised on funk and growing up in a family with a deep history and connection to jazz, Zach gravitates towards groove based, improvisational music.

With his ‘electro-funk’ band, Mouth, he tackles anything and everything from deep pocket hip hop, fusion, and dance grooves, all the way to showing off his technical prowess with complex melodic lines. In true 21st century fashion, he is anything but an old-school player when it comes to his gear. Mouth’s four piece arrangement can sound like an eight piece band due to Zach’s live looping setup and the entire band’s extensive effects pedal usage. Sounds ranging from traditional bass, synth pads, screaming leads, sub synth lines, and much much more can be heard coming from his rig at every show.

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