Cool event for bass players in Nebraska

Dear Bass Lovers,

Most of you know UNL is hosting Spring Strings on Saturday April 7 (for more information and application forms please see There will be a string orchestra, chamber music, a concerto competition, and masterclasses that day. At the moment we are doing exceptionally well with upper strings – students are coming from Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri, but we could use a couple more bassists to join us. The only requirement is that they have played in an all state orchestra or youth symphony or have a teacher’s recommendation. They do not have to submit a recording unless they’d like to play a solo in masterclass or compete for the concerto competition (Dragonetti, Dittersdorf, or Bottesini in orchestra tuning — any movement).

The application form says that the deadline was this past Monday — but I’m leaving it open for bassists.


Please call or write –





Dr. Hans Sturm

Assistant Professor of Double Bass & Jazz Studies, UNL Professor Emeritus, Ball State University Past President, International Society of Bassists


New website should help all answer questions and help in your daily bass life

greetings to all fellow bass players!

I am really excited about this new website. I want to thank Jamie for getting this site started for kcbassworkshop and my bass studio. I hope that it will be a place for you to come and interact with fellow bass players from all over and all genres. We are a great resource for each other due to are great nature (I’m biased but, I think bassists are the coolest people on the planet). I do believe in music from everyone in any and all styles of music both on the double bass and electric bass. I love it all so please leave comments and I will do my best to address them or try to send them to someone I know who’ll best respond! I am learning how to run this website so please have a bit of patience. And if I don’t respond quickly then you can be assured that I am playing my bass, teaching, or at a gig! keep it low –Johnny Hamil