Misha Krutz

Misha Krutz, Founder of K.C. Strings.

Misha Krutz, Founder of K.C. Strings.

Misha Krutz studied bass at the Leningrad conservatory in Russia where he later played in the Kirov Ballet. In 1976 he immigrated to the United States bringing his family to Kansas City where he just retired playing bass in the Kansas City Symphony. He also was a professor of Bass at The University of Missouri Kansas City and University of Kansas.

Misha ran a violin shop out of his home where he served both student and professional clientele for ten years, prior to the establishment of K.C.Strings Violin Shop. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and was instrumental in the forging of the unique Bass, made in the shop.

K.C. Strings began with Misha Krutz, a professional bass player, who also had a passion for repairing string instruments. He envisioned creating a world-class violin shop in Kansas City. In 1992 K.C. Strings officially opened its doors to serve the needs of the string community, and grew into a full service shop with one of the largest selections of instruments in all price ranges within the Midwest. The store caters to string players (violin, viola, cello, bass) from student to professional.

Source: K.C. Strings

Here’s Misha welcoming Rabbath for the 2013 Kansas City Bass Workshop.

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