Bass Holiday Party Dec 20th @ 7:00 PM on the Plaza in KC!


Here is a pdf of the flyer for the Party. Please send a copy to your fellow bass friends and tell them to join us. You can get the pdf’s of the sheet music ahead of time (just email or you can just show up and sight read. There will be all levels of performance from easy sing along type songs to classical and jazz arranged pieces that will require great skill. If you are not already playing a gig please come and say happy holidays the way that our bass player kind does so well!

3 thoughts on “Bass Holiday Party Dec 20th @ 7:00 PM on the Plaza in KC!

  1. Please let me know where to be and the time. My wife, Norma Jeane, and I both play bass. I have a KC Strings bass and NJ plays my old bass.

    • Charles, Yes the flyer is in the pdf and you’d want to be there 630 to be ready to start playing at 7. Most of the music is posted there. It’s a causal performance (so much like a caroling party) so play the parts that are the most enjoyable for you. We may ask some to try more of one part for balance issues. It’s going to be a great fun event!

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