Another great year!

Just an amazing great week of bass! The level of performance by all the bassists from Faculty, attendees, and even the beginning players were just perfect! The videos should be getting put up soon so please stay tuned. Please send pics to the site and we will link them and put them up also! The final performance was one for the record books! As always please send us any recommendations on how to make this amazing event better in the future. bass love to you all-Johnny Hamil

Exciting news about bassworkshop July 8-12th 2013

KCBassworkshop is proud to welcome Francois Rabbath and Sylvan Rabbath as faculty to the 2013 KCBW on July 8th-12th! This will be a special version of the workshop as we honor the memory and life work of George Vance and his special work with Rabbath. As the KCBW has always been in honor of we also will welcome a very special guest Martha Vance (George’s wife) who will be in attendance during the week. We also welcome a great faculty of Lloyd Goldstein, Shawn Conely, Hans Sturm, and Brian Roessler, Ted Botsford, Johnny Hamil and more. The week will offer Masterclasses with Rabbath and all the faculty. Emphasis on Rabbath Technique. Bass solo performances, small and large bass ensemble performances, Representing everything related to bass in the Classical, jazz, and alternative (Rock, Funk, Blues, Polka, etc.) styles of music. Eveing performances by all of the faculty with Rabbath concert on thursday July 11th @7:00 (tickets avaliable to non-workshop participants). Teacher training classes avaliable for the first time at KCBW. Work with Francois on teaching his technique and Johnny Hamil and Martha Vance on teaching George Vance method. The week as always will be a great week of personal growth, inspiration, and creativity! The new faculty bios and links will be posted soon! Please enroll today!

Bass Holiday Party Dec 20th @ 7:00 PM on the Plaza in KC!


Here is a pdf of the flyer for the Party. Please send a copy to your fellow bass friends and tell them to join us. You can get the pdf’s of the sheet music ahead of time (just email or you can just show up and sight read. There will be all levels of performance from easy sing along type songs to classical and jazz arranged pieces that will require great skill. If you are not already playing a gig please come and say happy holidays the way that our bass player kind does so well!

Cool event for bass players in Nebraska

Dear Bass Lovers,

Most of you know UNL is hosting Spring Strings on Saturday April 7 (for more information and application forms please see There will be a string orchestra, chamber music, a concerto competition, and masterclasses that day. At the moment we are doing exceptionally well with upper strings – students are coming from Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri, but we could use a couple more bassists to join us. The only requirement is that they have played in an all state orchestra or youth symphony or have a teacher’s recommendation. They do not have to submit a recording unless they’d like to play a solo in masterclass or compete for the concerto competition (Dragonetti, Dittersdorf, or Bottesini in orchestra tuning — any movement).

The application form says that the deadline was this past Monday — but I’m leaving it open for bassists.


Please call or write –





Dr. Hans Sturm

Assistant Professor of Double Bass & Jazz Studies, UNL Professor Emeritus, Ball State University Past President, International Society of Bassists