Here is a PDF of schedule to keep.

KC Bass Workshop General Schedule

Daily Featured Events

12:00 – 1:00 pm.  Lunch Concert – we hope you enjoy watching while you eat lunch.

1:00 – Featured Master Class – Don’t miss this one!

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.   Concert Series – Enjoy!

*Lectures:  You will be placed in one that that matches your interests but, you may ask to move to another.

Below is a general outline of the student schedule.  Please note that the various student tracks are colored coded.

Advanced Rabbath

  • 9:00 am – Scales
  • 10:00 am – Etienne LaFrance
  • 11:00 am – Francois Rabbath
  • 2:00 pm – Ted Botsford
  • 3:00 pm Lecture

George Vance Petite 10 Masterclass 11 Play with all/game hour

10:00 am – Masterclass

11:00 am – Play with all / Game Hour

You will have one semi-private masterclass per day either at 9am, 2pm, or 3pm.

KCBASS 9 Scales (optional George Vance play-in)

  • 10:00 am – Francois Rabbath
  • 11:00 am – Johnny Hamil or Other
  • 2:00 pm – Lecture
  • 3:00 pm – Lecture

 Advanced Electric

  • 9:00 am – Scales
  • 10:00 am – Anthony Wellington
  • 11:00 am – Optional
  • 2:00 pm – Anthony Wellington
  • 3:00 pm – Electric Lecture

Advanced Orchestra

  • 9:00 am – Scales
  • 10:00 am – Andrew
  • 11:00 am – Nina DeCesare
  • 2:00 pm – Jory
  • 3:00 pm – Lecture

Advanced Jazz

  • 9:00 am – Scales
  • 10:00 am – Hans Strum
  • 11:00 am – Lynn Seaton
  • 2:00 pm – John Clayton
  • 3:00 pm – Lecture


  • 9:00 am – Electric Scales
  • 10:00 am – Electric Class
  • 11:00 am – Electric Class
  • 2:00 pm – Electric Lecture
  • 3:00 pm – Electric Lecture.

Producer – This is only a two-hour course at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Most are in another track as well. During these two hours, follow the producer track unless you are in an advanced track. 

*Composition with Frank Proto is at 3 pm every day. 

Semi-private masterclasses should be noted on your individual email and should override the track you are in. (i.e. don’t miss your semi-private masterclass)

Schedule is below. This is a work in progress. Please see PDF’s above for the color coded version.

Tues  July 7th

9 Technique hour

Rabbath G Major Scales -Etienne LaFrance 

Note: All students not ready for scales can come and observe. If we have enough of a group that play out of George Vance Vol. 1 & 2, we will start an optional class starting Wednesday.

         Electric Bass Scales Anthony Wellington 

Semi private masterclasses Kate Jones 

10 George Vance Petite and KCBass –Francois Rabbath

                     Bow Arm  and Vol. 1 (Etude no. 7), Que Ferait Jacques? 

Electric bass-Dominque Saunders 

      Advanced rabbath class.–  Etienne La Franc

      Advanced Jazz class -Hans Sturm

     Advanced Orchestra — Andrew Raciti  

     Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington 

    Folk Course-  Andrew Ryan 

11 George Vance Petite and KCBass- Johnny Hamil 

Advanced rabbath class. -Francois Rabbath 

     Advanced Jazz class –Lynn Seaton 

      Advanced Orchestra– Nina DeCesare 

           Folk Course- Eric Thorin

Electric bass- Jonathan Fischer 

Producer– Aurelien Fradagrada


12 Szymon Marcinak  Live stream from Germany 

12: 30   Harish Kumar Live stream from Sweden 

1 JohnClayton masterclass 

2- Advanced rabbath class.-Ted 

  Advanced Jazz class-John Clayton

Advanced Orchestra-— Jory Herman 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington 

Classical Lectures- Dennis Whitaker- Incredibly Useful exercises      

Electric Lecture Demo- Dominque Saunders -approaches to Modern Music 

Semi Private Masterclasses: Kate Jones Johnny Hamil 

Hans sturm ( sub Etienne LaFrance ) Bob Peterson Kassie Ferraro 

3 ClassicalLecture   Anton Krutz -Creativity and emotion will help mankind. 

Jazz Lecture/demoLynn Seaton-Bass Lines using chromatic approach tones. 

Producer-Dominque Saunders 

Composition-Frank Proto 

Semi Private Masterclasses Hans Sturm (sub) Etienne LaFrance

James Ward Ted Botsford

            Dinner KC BBQ-Break Day 1 Rib night  Arthur Bryant’s 

4.       Happy Hour with Johnny and Jeff Harshbarger (This hour is just to casually talk with the host to catch up. We may tell some stories as well. 


6 Hans Strum and Jackie Allen-Jazz Vocal duet  

7 Anthony Wellington-Soul from Baltimore

7:45    George Fahlund- Classical Austin

8:00 Kristin Benson-Classical New York 

8:15 Kate Jones-Classical Dallas 

8:30        Jessica Valls-Vocal Solo Bass Austin

8:45       James Ward- Funk Jazz KC 

Wed  July 8th

9 Technique hour

Rabbath Scales –Ted Botsford 

         Electric Bass ScalesAnthony Wellington 

         Jazz Scales- Lynn Seaton  (Modes/Rabbath)

10 George Vance Petite and KCBass  masterclass –Francois Rabbath

Electric bass– Jeff Harshbarger 

      Advanced rabbath class.-  Etienne LaFrance 

      Advanced Jazz class –Hans Sturm

     Advanced Orchestra — Andrew Raciti  

     Advanced Electric bass- Anthony Wellington (sub Adam Booker)

    Folk Course-  Andrew Ryan 

11 Advanced rabbath class  Francois.Rabbath 

     Advanced Jazz class Lynn Seaton 

      Advanced Orchestra– Nina DeCesare

George Vance Petite – Andrew Raciti Stupid Bass Household Games.  

kcbass- Dennis Whitaker High School excepts, auditions tips and more 

Electric bass– Christian Chesanek 

Semi private masterclass Jonathan Fischer   

Producer– Aurelien Fradagrada

Semi private masterclass Jonathan Fischer  


12: Tyson Leslie 

12:20 Jeff Harshbarger 

12:40 Johnny Hamil (video game solo bass) 

Anthony Wellignton masterclass 

2- Advanced rabbath class-Ted 

  Advanced Jazz class -John Clayton 

     Advanced Orchestra — Jory Herman 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony 

Semi private masterclass- Kristin Benson, Jessica Valls Richard Ryan George Fahlund

Lecture– Gaelen McCormick Professionalization: How to make your work ethic produce better results

Lecture– Christian Chesanek- Stefano Scodanibbio

3 Lecture- Nina DeCesare- Playing all six Bach Cello suites in the pandemic  

Lecture-Chris Thelkeld Wiegand- Chords and composition on the electric bass.

Composition- Frank Proto

Producer-Dominque Saunders 

Semi private masterclass Jessica Valls  

4 Happy Hour with Hans Sturm (He will talk about his new historical project on Francois Rabbath) 

Dinner KC BBQ-Break Day 2 smoked brisket Gate’s BBQ


6 Dennis Whitaker Classical Houston

6:20      David Young Classical Los angles 

6:40 Johnathan Fischer Jazz 

7 Chris Thelkeld Wieland Rock Iowa 

7:20 Kyle Motl Advant-GardeNew York

7:40 Andrew Ryan –Folk New York

8 Christian Chesanek Jazz El Paso

8:20 Will McClain Cravey Classical Holland

8:40       Adam Booker

Thur. 9th

9 Rabbath Scales – Etienne LaFrance 

         Electric Bass Scales- Anthony Wellington 

Jazz Scales- Gerald Spaits 

Semi private masterclass Grace Lewis 

10 KCBass –Francois Rabbath  Vol.2 etude no,12. Reitba, Vol. 3 

George Vance Petite– Kate Jones- Group class and Games 

Electric bass– James Ward 

      Advanced rabbath class-Etienne LaFrance 

      Advanced Jazz class -Hans Sturm

     Advanced Orchestra — Andrew Raciti 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington (Sub Adam Booker) 

    Folk – Andrew Ryan 

11 Advanced rabbath class – Francois Rabbath 

    Advanced Jazz class– Lynn Seaton 

      Advanced Orchestra– Nina DeCesare 

George Vance Petite /KCBASS Johnny  Hamil

Producer-Tyson Leslie 

Semi private masterclass–  Tracy Rowell


George Vance rare concert footage 

Annette Costanzi and homage to George Vance w Martha Vance, Robert Peterson, Francois Rabbath, and Uncle Milo

2- Advanced rabbath class -Ted 

  Advanced Jazz class -John Clayton 

     Advanced Orchestra — Jory Herman 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington 

Lecture– Shawn Conley masterclass 

Lecture Tyson Leslie- All around musicianship and how my bass playing 

           works in my career.  

Semi private masterclass: Heather Miller Lardin,  David Young Dennis Whitaker  

3 Lecture- Bad Boys of Bass, ensemble super group (David Murry, Volkan Orhan, Anthony Stoops) 

Lecture–Analog Pedals Cole Wheeler of Found Sound. 

Producer-Dominque Saunders

Semi private masterclass Lloyd Goldstein Grace Lewis Jeff Harshbarger

4        Happy Hour Hangout with Kate Jones and Jessica Valls

Dinner KC BBQ-Break Day 3 LC’s Burnt Ends


6 Lloyd Goldstein Healing Music Tampa bay

6:30       Heather Miller Lardin Early Period music Maryland

7 Eric Thorin Folk Colorado 

7:30 Dominque Saunders Hip Hop Funk Los Angeles 

8:00 Grace Lewis –Classical Houston

8:20    Bob Bowman Jazz  montana 

8:40  Jason Beers Punk KC

Friday  10th

9:00 Rabbath Scales –Nicholas Walker 

         Electric Bass Scales Jonathan Fischer 

         Jazz Scales- Hans Sturm 

Semi private masterclass Johnny Hamil 

10 KCBass –Francois Rabbath

George Vance Petite– Tracy Rowell— Bow Games 

Electric bass– Ryan Madora  

      Advanced rabbath class-Etienne LaFrance 

      Advanced Jazz class -Hans Sturm

     Advanced Orchestra — Andrew Raciti 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony 

    Folk – Andrew Ryan 

11 Advanced rabbath class– Rabbath 

     Advanced Jazz class– Lynn Seaton 

      Advanced Orchestra– Nina DeCesare

George Vance Petite– Games with funky Toe Jam Andrew Ryan 

Semi private masterclass Ryan Madora 

KCBASS– Heather Miller Lardin -Playing George Vance songs in Baroque style.

electric-Gerald Spaits 

Producer– Aurelien Fradagrada


12 Ryan Madora (15 min) Jory Herman and Ted Botsford (L.A. Philharmonic 5 min)Lynn Seaton(30) 

1.  Paul Ellison Masterclass 

2- Advanced rabbath class -Ted 

   Advanced Jazz class-John Clayton 

     Advanced Orchestra — Jory Herman

     Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington 

Lecture– KCSymphony bass section ( High School district and state audition excerpts) 

Lecture– Heather Miller Lardin- Early Music 

Lecture-Ryan Madora- Blues lines 

Semi private masterclass Martha Vance Gerald Spaits  Dominque Saunders  

Ken Peggioli Grace Lewis 

3 Lecture KCSymphony Bass section (advanced orchestra excepts) How a section works together.    

Electric bass- Ryan Madora- Bass Players to know. (learn how to learn different styles and get “active listening chops”. 

Ken Poggioli— Helping strings teachers teach bass. 

Producer- Dominque Saunders 

Semi private masterclass Ted Botsford Lloyd Goldstein Will McClain Cravy 

4.        Happy hour  Hangout with Lloyd Goldstein and Ted Botsford 

Dinner KC BBQ-Break Day 4 Oklahoma Joe’s Night of the Living Sauce

 KCBASSFEST presents native KC 

      6      KC symphony Richard Ryan

6:20 Caleb Quillen- Classical 

6:40 Nash Tomey-Classical 

7 Memorial tribute to Jeffery Eckels

720 Samuel Copeland-Classical 

7:40 Kassie Ferrero-Classical 

8:00 Gerald Spaits-Jazz

8:20  Brian Hicks-Jazz/blues 

8:40  Robert Castillo-Funk Rock Jazz 

 9:00      Aaron Osbourne- Solo Bass 

Sat.  11th 

9 Rabbath Scales -Ted Botsford 

         Electric Bass Scales-Anthony Wellington 

Jazz Bass Scales- Lynn Seaton (modes/Rabbath II) 

Semi private masterclass Gaelen McCormick 

10 KCBass –Francois Rabbath approaching the bow creatively. vol. 3 

George Vance Petite– Doan -Ultimate Pass-it champion-wolrd-cup-Super-Bowl-thingy! 

Electric bass- Dominque Saunders 

      Advanced Rabbath-Etienne LaFrance 

      Advanced Jazz class-Hans Sturm

     Advanced Orchestra — Andrew Raciti 

      Advanced Electric bass- Anthony 

    Folk- Andrew Ryan 

11 Rabbath advanced – Rabbath 

    Advanced Jazz class- Lynn Seaton 

      Advanced Orchestra- Nina 

George Vance Petite  & KCBASS—electric Bass—Johnny Hamil 

Producer– Aurelien Fradagrada


12 Francois RabbathFrancois Rabbath Plays on video. 

( Special Rare Performances) 

hangout and chat with Francois 

1 Rabbath Philosophy masterclass

2- Advanced rabbath -Ted Botsford 

  Advanced Jazz class-John Clayton 

     Advanced Orchestra — Jory Herman 

      Advanced Electric bass– Anthony Wellington 

Lecture- Nicholas Walker Masterclass 

Lecture  Steve Tulipana: punk rock bass and running a successful live music       venue. 

Semi private masterclass Bob Peterson Hans Sturm   Nina DeCesare 

3 Lecture  Marcos Machados Tao of Bass 

Lecture Jonathan Fischer- the art of the knowing both electric and Upright. 

Producer- Dominique Saunders 

Semi private masterclass  Jory Herman Heather Miller Lardin Johnny Hamil Dennis Whitaker Andrew Ryan

4.  Happy Hour with Bob Peterson. Memories of The George Vance Workshops. 

Dinner KC BBQ-Break Day 5 Jack Stack’s Smoked Prime Rib 


 George Vance/Francois Rabbath Legacy concert 

6 Nicholas Walker 

6:20 Tracy Rowell 

6:30 Nina DeCesare 

6:45 Etienne LaFrance 

7:15 Shawn Conley 

8:00 Ted Botsford 

Younger students:  (ages 10 and under) a three-hour online day is recommended. parent must be around to assist child if needed. (i.e. voice calling distance). Help most likely will be with audio tech stuff, tunning, printing out sheet music, videotaping, sending in videos.

General Information

Technical Advice:

We need the internet connection to work well at your location.

  • The faster the internet speed you have the better.  This may mean you have to go to a location with a better connection.
  • Hard wired or close to your router is always better.
  • The newer the device – the better it will work.
  • In preparation you may join one of the weekly group classes held by Johnny Hamil Bass studio to see how your connection works.  Many of the faculty for the workshop are dropping by to visit the students in preparation for the workshop.
  • Please send a message to to join these classes.

Making a Video.

  • The ability to make a video to send to us is also essential for full participation of the event.
  • Videos may be made with phone or laptop camera.  (But, if you do bigger and better things we are all for it.)
  • We want you to prepare by making your best take of a solo piece you’d like to present to the bass family.
  • You can be as creative as you can be. This can be classical piece, Jazz piece, Rock piece, or an original piece of music. It can be just you playing solo, with a virtual accompaniment, or pre- recorded tracks.
  • You can use the event to re-record your video and make it the best it can be.
  • This video should be used as a good audition/interview tool for the many places the bass will take you in your life.

Posting the Video

  • We will post this video on our website as a great documentation of this once in a lifetime event.
  • It is better if you post your video on a shareable platform such as YouTube and send us the link. This way we can use this video in your semi -private masterclasses and masterclasses where you will get real time feedback from the professional faculty. You will need to ok us to post this video to make the workshop work. Please note you will be in charge of when you wish to take down the video if it’s on your platform.
  • This will be such a great way for you to make progress and also start to cultivate an audience for your bass playing.
  • If you need to take them down please just let us know, but we think this will be a great virtual year book.
  • We will also post the larger virtual ensemble pieces.  This will be a great message for all, that the bass family plays and stands together in this trying time.

Helpful Information

  • Make sure your bass is tuned before class starts.
  • Items to have:  tuner, music stand, access to printer to print out music.
  • The ability to adjust the view of the picture (if we can see your whole bass that makes it better for instruction and viewing).
  • Make sure you are a room with adequate lighting.
  • The sound is better with a new recording/viewing device.   
  • Have sheet music or books required for the workshop available and ready to go before your class.
  • If you are not actively participating in the class, please use the mute button until it is your turn.

New to Zoom? Watch video or read?

1. I recommend using Zoom as it is designed better for teaching music when compared to Hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime. 
2. Make sure both you and your student(s) are using a wired Ethernet cable to connect to a laptop or desktop if possible.  If not, have them as near to their wifi hub as possible.  Bandwidth is a huge factor and potential bottleneck. Of course a good strong computer helps a lot with processing as well.
3. Make sure your Zoom settings are correct on both your system/account and your students system as well. This is really important; if these are net set up correctly a good webcam, interface and mic will not help.  The video below is perfect for this process – this gentleman goes through all the settings for audio and video within the Zoom app itself.
This Zoom Settings video.
1.Turn off automatically adjust volume. Adjust for your instrument/voice balance.
2. In advanced check the box (on) that says – show in meeting option to enable original sound from microphone. 3. Right below that disable suppress persistent background noise 4. Right below that disable suppress intermittent background noise.
Leave Echo Cancellation set to Auto
4. In an opened up Zoom meeting, click on  the audio and/or video (bottom left corner once meeting is opened) to the correct or point the app to your specific hardware. You can have two or more video sources if you want and click between them during a class or video.  You can also select audio from a interface input and video from a web cam or both audio and video from the webcam etc… Zoom settings Video
5. In an opened up Zoom meeting, make sure “use original audio” is checked or turned on in the upper left corner of the video screen.  It will only be visible to you and your students after you have checked the box in 3.b. above. Make sure your students do this as well.

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Zoom Settings for music performance.Zoom Settings for music performance.

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