Workshop Courses

KCBASS Workshop Participant – This is the course for most students. Coordinated by Johnny Hamil.

  • Work directly with staff on your playing
  • Scales and technique
  • Play together virtually in large group
  • Make a solo video to post
  • Semi private masterclasses
  • Large group masterclasses
  • Be able to customize a track that is more in your interest area (classical, rock, jazz, orchestral excepts, folk, theory, electric, early period, young bassists, and more).

Virtuoso Advanced Solo Double Bass Course – Instructors:   Francois Rabbath, Etienne LaFrance, & Ted Botsford 

  • Advanced Course
  • Class size limited by video audition only.
  • Preparation list will be sent as soon as you are enrolled.
  • This class it is required to own Rabbath vol. 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Advanced Jazz Course – Instructors:  Lynn Seaton , Hans Sturm, & John Clayton

  • Advanced Course
  • Class size limited by video audition only.
  • Study deeply how to become a jazz master.

Advanced Electric/Theory course – Instructor:  Anthony Wellington

  • Advanced Course

George Vance Petite Bass Course – Instructor:  Johnny Hamil

  • Students who are younger than 10.
  • This course is limited to 3 hour per day.
  • The hours are 10-12 (lunch break concert) and 1-2. Some of the hours can be changed to other times during the day if needed.

General Observer Participant

  • Enjoy the experience of online classes with no set schedule.
  • More like attending a convention such as ISB.
  • With some events you can play along with the clinicians, however,  most of this will be watching.

Orchestra Excerpt Advanced Course Instructors Jory Herman and Andrew Raciti.

  • Advanced Course
  • Class size limited by video audition only
  • This is for college bound or music major students wanting to focus on their audition excerpts.

Folk and Roots Music Instructors: Eric Thorin and Andrew Ryan

  • Advanced course
  • Class size limited by video audition only.

Producer/ Recording/ Composition

  • Advanced course
  • Class size limited by audio/video audition.
  • Work with bass players who are experienced in studio production.
  • Learn how to make and release your own music to the public.

Composition course with Frank Proto.

Are you a classical composer? Would you like some time to work on compositions with the legendary composer Frank Proto? Frank is offering to work with any budding composer during this week. Please send email with a sample of your compositions to This course is very limited in size. We can also have you work with the production side of things if you’d like both options.

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