PDFs Bassmas

Please enjoy some of these pdfs to enhance your sight reading Bassmas time. Please note these are just to be used for your own educational purposes. We encourage you to buy sheet music.

Santa Baby
Funky Rudolph
We Wish you a Merry Bassmas

Frosty The Bassmas
Blister Bells

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Is That You Santa Claus?

These are a lot of the sheet music I have arranged for the workshop events. Please feel free to read and enjoy them. It is highly encouraged to buy sheet music for your own purposes. There are many great publishers of Bass sheet music such as Liben, Leduc, Carl-Fischer, International Society of Bassists, and many self publishers. Please if you use one of these charts make sure you go buy one from one of these publishers as that greatly helps our bass


Ken Poggioli Lecture Fri 3

Anton Krutz lecture Tues 3


Jonathan Fisher electric links

Lynn Seaton’s Lecture Bass lines

David Young’s Lecture on Bach Suite 4.

See David Young’s faculty page for video Link of this lecture.

Star Wars Charts