Dates of 2017 KC Bass Workshop and KC BassFest are June 13-18

Announcing the faculty and dates of kcbassworkshop and kcbassfest June 14th-18th! Francois and Sylvain Rabbath, Mark Dresser, Szymon Marciniak, Eric Thorin, Andrew Ryan, Ben Leifer, Johnny Hamil, Jessica Valls, Hans Sturm, Tracy Rowell, Doan Brian Rosseller, Gerald Spaits, Jeff Harshbarger, and Gilles Duhaut.

Francois Rabbath: We cannot say enough about the special bond we have with Francois. It is more than an honor to have him as everyone who’s met him knows there will never be another like him. It’s really the students and the vibe we have created that makes him want to come back. HIs technique and his art is like that of Divinci or Picasso and is always better understood every time you get deeper into the material. It simply can take a lifetime to fully comprehend it. This week is the best way you can get that experience unless you go to him in Paris. This year there will be a separate class for anyone who really is wanting to study on an advanced level with him. Please send a reply to this email inquiring about this if you feel you are ready for more deeper material. Do Not Miss this concert.

Mark Dresser: Mark is returning this year because he really was taken by the care we gave to each student and performer. He really loved the vibe. We really loved what he did with the students. Mark can really be described like Francois and not easily understood the first time you meet him. We look forward to getting deeper into his advanced techniques and concepts of improvising and composing. Do Not Miss this concert either.

A few words about the new to kcbass faculty: Szymon Marciniak: one of the worlds great new solo performer on double bass: Szymon is from Poland and currently lives in Berlin Germany. Eric Thorin is an amazing Bluegrass bassists. We are excited to have our first official great bassist in this genre of music. Please don’t hesitate to come if you are not a classical only bassists. KCBASS represents all music! Andrew Ryan is a bit of a hometown johnny hamil studio allumi. He started with Johnny until his family relocated to Denver. He may be know in the world of Johnny Hamil as the kid who inspired The Funky Toe Jam. However, now he is done with his college under Nicholas Walker and is in New York city performing and touring musician. We are lucky to get him. Ben Leifer is one of KC’s finest jazz and rock bassists. He can be seen playing all over town in some of the best jazz groups including leading his own. He also plays in many groups of more rock genre where he plays his electric bass. The rest of the faculty is returning so please re read their faculty pages. Each one of these people are amazing and we are really glad they love to return to this great week. Their continued return shows how much the faculty as well as the students and volunteer staff of the workshop understand the important impact it contains.

Please enroll today as the past few years have reach capacity and we are predicting the same this year. If you take this moment to respond to this email you can be put on the list and can work out any further details in the weeks to come. Don’t miss this opportunity to come enjoy playing the bass with some of the worlds finest bassists, teachers, and all around great human beings. It’s important to stress that it doesn’t matter what level or style of bass you are at; we want you to come and learn together. This is the reason that this faculty is very special. Just come to have fun and we will inspire each other.

KCBASSFEST- Obviously this week will be great from a students point of view but, the concert series at night will be a well attended concert series that will make anyone that you take to it thank you. Most don’t know how incredible impact the performers who are on faculty are with their instrument in the forefront. This of course includes an amazing concert by Francois, Mark Dresser, Szymon Marciniak, and the big bass orchestra finale blowout! Really all of the concerts are perfect in their own way.The concert series will be able to buy tickets to this. Please note that your recommendation to family and friends will be very much appreciated by all of the bass faculty to spread the word of Bass as an art form.

BASS LOVE– Johnny Hamil

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